Skeletons in my closet (well Cabochon closet)

I have been busy last night and today beading up a cabochon.  I have had several of these skeleton lady cabochons for a few months now and I kept on thinking I have to do something with them.

One of the girls in a group I belong to on Facebook asked how you added a bail to a pebble bead that she had beaded around to make a bezel.  So I decided last night to make one of the cabs I had up so I could show how I create my bails.

I finished it last night but then decided that rather than doing step-by-step photos I would try a video, not my first time doing a tutorial on video, so I had a go this morning.  After three takes I had it right and then came the tricky part… editing on my MacBook and uploading it to Facebook.

I stressed out, had tantrums and finally figured it out and got it uploaded.  I know Colleen has watched it, added her own bail to her piece and I am now anxiously waiting to see how she got on.  I really love our little bead group on FB, it is great to have people provide positive feedback and constructive critiscm on your pieces.  It is also a great place to swap suppliers and best offers deals for beads.

Below is a photo of what I finished up in the end, and I will be selling this one on my website and if you buy it you will also get a free pair of earrings made with the same swarovski crystals that are in the pendant.

I hope you like it – I am now working on ideas and colourways for the other cabs I have and I also have some Baron Samedi resin cabs on order too.

Dee @ WingSmith’s Beaded Creations

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