Bead Soup Blog Party

After seeing a couple of other friends decide to take part in this Party I decided to take the plunge and have a go as well.

The event is organised by Lori Anderson from Pretty Things and there are over 300 beady enthuiasts taking part in the latest party.

The way it works is that each participant puts together a focal, spacer beads or co-ordinating beads and a clasp and sends them to your allocated partner.  They then get to make a piece of art with your beads etc….

I can’t wait to find out who I’m sending to and getting from….

You can find out more at Lori’s blog as well as seeing the full list of people taking part.

Us soupers are also encouraged to look through all the blogs for the partipants as well….

Time to go, off to sort out soupy beginnings and get ready to go out for the day.


One response to “Bead Soup Blog Party

  1. Gloria Simpson

    I cant wait to see who I am matched up with. Glad you are joining the fun too.

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