Bead Soup Blog Party – all done

Lori Anderson organised the biggest ever Bead Soup Blog Party – over 300 people taking part in over 20 countries across the world.  You can find the full list of participants and their blogs at:

I’ve finished all my bits for the Blog Party, photos are below.  I got some amazing beads and clasps from my partner Christine.  Here’s a reminder of what Christine sent me.  You can find Christine’s blog here:

I enjoyed working with different materials to my usual and I did add to the pieces with my own seed beads and crystals.  I love what I created – it was a great challenge to take part in.  The only downer to the experience is that Christine only received her package on 14 September, it took over a month to arrive with her.  Thankfully I know she is pleased with what I sent and I can’t wait to see what she creates from it.

My first piece was using one of the dyed agate pieces I received.  I created a cabochon pendant with delica beads and seed beads.  I then made a tubular netted necklace interspersed with swarovski crystals for a little sparkle.  The pendant is attached via a beaded bail that has a hidden popper fastening in back you can easily remove it from the necklace to wear on another chain or just wear the beaded necklace alone.

Updated to show the rear of the blue pendant…

My second piece was inspired by the copper findings Christine sent me, and I wanted to keep with the blue highlights I have added through all my pieces.  I love blue and copper colours together.  This is a simple herringbone spiral rope with the copper pieces inserted at regular intervals and finished with the copper clasp.

This piece gave me the most headaches, as I don’t usually use wire, crimps and do stringing.  I’m much happier with needles and seedies!   I used the beads from the Potomac Bead Company along with the brass focal I received.  I added in some crystals and again kept with my blue and copper colour scheme.  The earrings contain some of the lovely opal drops Christine sent me.

After I had finished the piece above I thought I was done.  Then I remembered the Amethyst pieces and lucite flowers with the silver tone beads and clasp.  I couldn’t resist making a simple bracelet and earrings from them.

Here is a Slideshow of my finished pieces.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


59 responses to “Bead Soup Blog Party – all done

  1. Dee, they are all so unique & LOVELY! If I had to pick my favorite, I’d have to say all of them!!

  2. you have been sooooo productive, hope you tackled that bead stash good 😉 xxxx

  3. oops, that should have been tinchick – that will teach me to go surfing on the hubby’s pc 😉

  4. What a beautiful soup you made my friend, your work is truly stunning!! Thanks for sharing & all I can say is yummmmmy!!!

  5. Love what you created with your soup goodies! All are beautiful pieces of work!

  6. Very nice! What a lot of work – you obviously know what you’re doing. Great work with that gorgeous mix!

  7. They’re all great, but I love the first blue necklace so much! So elegant and streamlined. Wonderful!

  8. Just beautiful pieces and such a wonderful range of colours in your soup mix. My fave is the blue necklace, you’ve set it brilliantly.

  9. They are all wonderful, I envy those who can do the bead weaving like you can, beautiful.

  10. Very nice group of pieces, you really made the most with what you were sent. Your own stash of beads was a great addition.

  11. Wow, you made some beautiful creations! Nice job!

  12. What beautiful pieces you had to work with and your creations are wonderful!

  13. You did a great job! Your creations are great! Have a nice day, Hugs Doris

  14. WOW! Can I say that again? WOW!

  15. Your designs turned out so amazing! I love that blue. Such lovely detail. Great job!

  16. I love the seeded bezel, and all that seed bead work just amazes me! You did such a great job!

    I hope you’ll join me next time! The badge and dates will be posted tomorrow, the 19th!

    Love, Lori

  17. That’s a beautiful bunch of pieces you made! I like how you used the colors to make totally different pieces 🙂

  18. So pretty and I admire anyone who can work with seed beads! 🙂 Great job!

  19. these are all so beautiful! all of them! i am partial to beadweaving so you caught my attention as soon as i clicked on your blog. Lovely lovely work!

  20. beautiful pieces…..very nice

  21. Beautiful Dee, love the needle work, all your pieces are gorgeous!

  22. Wonderful! You have created several terrific pieces of wearable art. I love your use of color and texture for the copper bracelet. Thank you for sharing your artistic process with us. Cheers!

  23. Your creations are beautiful, great job!

  24. Wow, you have been soooo busy.
    The necklace with the blue Agate just pops out for me, I am intrigued with the seed-bead pendant and by its color!

  25. Beautiful jewellery! That beaded agate pendant i just fab with its saturated colour, but I must say it’s the copper bracelet that’s my fave. Fab job!

  26. Really lovely designs. You have been a busy little beaver;
    Be Blessed to be a blessing

  27. Dee! What wonderful necklaces you’ve created here! All that beadwork just blows my mind, and you make it look so spectacular!

  28. Crikey, I can tell a lot of work went into all of these pieces, but it really paid off! Beautiful pieces 🙂

  29. So many beautiful designs. Love them all!

  30. Wow – your pieces are just stunning! I am a huge fan of blue and copper together, and the combinations you used are beautiful! 🙂

  31. Very professional work, presentation and slide show. Thank you

  32. Great work! I think the copper bracelet is my favorite! But you really outdid yourself with all of them! Way to go!

  33. I love that brass focal pendant with the blue on it!!! And your seed bead work is wonderful!

  34. Oh, I’m so loving some seed bead work!! They are all beautiful, and I’d love to see a pic of the back of the pendant with the snap off you were talking about. I made a similar bracelet to your herringbone, but I had to make 3 sections, because it wouldn’t slide thru the spacer beads. Yours is really lovely, and the colors are wonderful!

  35. Wonderful beading, you did a great job!

  36. Lovely beadwork – so nice to see weaving in the hop!

  37. Great variety! I always admire those who can both weave and string!

  38. Nice job! Fantastic bead weaving 🙂

  39. Busy lady! I’m a seeder, too, so I appreciate that you were able to use weaving in your pieces. And I love the way you made the popper on the pendant – what a great idea!

  40. Really cool pieces – beautiful details!

  41. You received a gorgeous soup! I love the brass pendant with the blue on it. I can’t believe you were able to make so many pieces!

  42. All of your pieces are simply beautiful. It amazes me that stringing gives you a headache but you work so well weaving all of those tiny beads. Just wow! I do have to say that you did a great job with that amethyst piece. It’s my favorite!

  43. WOW! nice pieces. I think I like the blue ensemble the best.

  44. Wonderful pieces! Love love the copper based bracelet! So gorgeous!

  45. You sure made a lot with your soup! I am humbled by the beadweaving. I don’t know how y’all do it! Great stuff 🙂

  46. Really lovely items. The blue necklace is stunning, and I”m very much in love with the copper bracelet. Well Done!

  47. very pretty detail work,

  48. Love the slide show of all your lovely creations. I really like the herring bone spiral bracelet! Wow! Not so much into the needle seedy thingies. Me, I guess I’m a stringer crimp-er girl. Enjoyed my visit! You did a Soup-er job with your bead soup mix!!

  49. Beautiful pieces! You did a lot of work with your soup!

  50. I am amazed by the quality and perfection you have created! Great job!

  51. Wow, you really stretched your ingredients into lots of wonderfully different soups! I am full!! Thanks for sharing all the goodness.

  52. The dyed agate in your beaded bezel is simply stunning. What else is there to say? 😉

  53. Wow-what beautiful designs. Your bead work really makes thepieces shine! You also have a stunningly diverse collection! Nice work!

  54. All of them are quite lovely! That copper bracelet with the pale blue through it just blows me away!

  55. So many beautiful jewellery sets. How on earth did you have time to come up with them all? I love the amethyst bracelet and earrings… just gorgeous!

  56. Wow, you have been busy! I think the spiral bracelet is my favourite.

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