Nucleus Gallery, Rochester, Kent

I am so thrilled… this weekend I got to visit the local art gallery that is displaying/selling some of my beadwork.

I realised the gallery doesn’t have a lot of props for displays so I have been busy this weekend trying out Decopatch… which is like a pretty papier mache.    I have so far decopatched two cardboard hand thingies, one of which is for my craft fairs, and the other for the gallery.  I also want to try and make some cardboard boxes look a bit better and match my hand thingies.

I have made lots of spooky things lately with skeleton cabochons and glass eyes in advance of having a stall on 29 October at WonderHillHigh Market in London Bridge.  I am very excited by the prospect of reaching a younger, student based market and am hoping they “get” the weirder things I like to create.

I have also been playing with sharks teeth and making them into pretty, delicate pendants.

Thanks for reading, and if I haven’t said it before, or you haven’t noticed the logos on the bottom of my photos… I apply a Creative Commons License to my beadwork and would appreciate no copying of my pieces without my permission.

Dee xxx



One response to “Nucleus Gallery, Rochester, Kent

  1. Wow, these earrings are stunning! i love them.
    The pendant ist amazing too, but these earrings… wow 🙂


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