Bead Magazine, beady shopping and friends

Today has been such a fabulous day.  Myself and quite a few of my virtual facebook beadbuddies were featured in articles in Bead magazine this month.  I went to the Big Bead Show in Sandown today and got an early copy of the magazine.   I met up with several of my virtual fb friends today, Hilary, Kathy, Stephanie, Katie, Dee, Jo and if I missed anyone apologies…  Here is photo of me, Hilary, Kathy and Stephanie.

It was thrilling to see my work in print, and even better to see my friends in print as well – Tracey Gwilliams and Veronica Tinkler too.  We all had tutorials published and Veronica had an interview in there too!  Along with us were Sally Bevan, Janet Sherrett and Alison Bickell too.  Well done everyone, Beadbuddies are taking over the world!!

I didn’t spend nearly as much money at the bead fair as I would have liked, but nonetheless I managed to get all the various delica shades I needed for two cuff projects by Debger from Etsy, as well as the swarvoski crystals needed for a tassel project I have seen in the BWG Journal.  I also treated myself to a piece of bronze infused Turquoise from Designer Cabochons.

Am going to be selling some of my pieces in London on 29 October, at Wonder Hill High Market, which is based at The Miller in Snowsfields Road, SE1 – nearest stations are London Bridge and Borough Market.  It’s a popular venue (nothing to do with being in a pub I’m sure) and I am hopeful of some good sales at the event.  More information can be found here:

Anyway, time to head off and have a drink, dinner and stroke my new beads, my beadbuddies know exactly what I mean!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.



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