Two Drop Peyote mmmm

I have started another design from Debger on Etsy.  Carp 3 – it is a gorgeous japanese style koi design in two drop peyote.  Has only five colours, black, white, silver, and two shades of grey.  I liked the original design but wanted a more black and grey tattoo feel so i asked Deb to make it in grey and she did!  How cool is that?  You can find a link here to her designs:

I have just worked the first 47 rows so far but I love it already and my brain is already working out what sort of clasp I want to put on the finished piece.

I made another Debger design already, another tattoo inspired piece, picture of the finished item below.  This one I added a red rivoli I had in my stash and simple loop closure.  I like this piece a lot.

I also have a couple of Deb’s sugar skull cuffs to get going on once the Carp is finished.

I hope you enjoy looking around Deb’s designs, I always always find something new I have to have…


One response to “Two Drop Peyote mmmm

  1. Thank you so much Dee, so appreciated. I cannot wait to see the carp finished.
    Beady Hugs

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