Latest work and progress, valentines and muppets

Well, I have been trying to get more UFO’s finished up recently and am making progress on my Jean Power bangle kit with another 4 components made up.  I will share a photo once it is finished, hopefully very soon.

I also made a start on, and finished, my OTTBS theme piece which was Orchid.  I asked Debbie van Tonder to create a pattern based on a photo I found of an orchid which is usually only found in Crete.  I love the way it came out, thanks to Debbie for helping me with the pattern.  You can find Debbie’s designs at

I also managed to make a start on another Debbie design, Sugar Skull 3 which I was finding hard as it is odd count peyote, but I am getting there with the awkward end turn and am making progress.

I made a simple circuit board pendant at the weekend and posted on my Etsy shop, I love the way it has turned out and fortunately my hubby is a techie hoarder so I have lots of things I can cut up and resin seal and I bought some fab frames from

I am off out to celebrate valentines day soon in a strange way though – am going to see the muppets with my son at the cinema.  I am sure it will be great fun.  Photos below for the orchid and circuit board.  Enjoy

One response to “Latest work and progress, valentines and muppets

  1. Awesome job Dee, the orchid looks stunning, so impressed xxhugsxx

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