Beady Progress

Well, I’ve not had much time this week for beading so far 😦

On the upside, I have had 5 sales in one day at the Nucleus Gallery in Rochester, so that is fabulous news 🙂

I also spent a little money last week on some beady treats for myself…  I ordered a Jelly Bean bangle and a glass ring from Purple Cobwebs .  Amazing lampwork artist, and the jelly bean bangle is such a cool idea, I love my new bangle very much.  As for the ring, I don’t think that will taken off (except when I’m sleeping) for a very long time – It is stunning, gorgeous and I never knew glass could work as a ring but it really does.

I also got some crystal drops from a friend having a destash and some vintage crystals from Beading in the Rain on ebay.  All of which are earmarked for future projects.

The interesting thing is that hubby dearest presented me with a little envelope, with teeny tiny LEDs and said I wondered if you could use these in your jewellery?  I know have to rise to that challenge… beads that are lit from within maybe?  Only time will tell on that project.

On my bead mat this week is my Bead magazine annual competition/challenge entry, and my mothers day present for my mum.  Secret projects so I can’t share photos.  So instead I can show you a couple of photos of the items I sold this week.



One response to “Beady Progress

  1. Thank you Dee. I’m so pleased that you like your ring and jelly bean bracelet xxx

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