Earrings mania

I am lucky enough to be friends with a very clever designer, Tracey Gwilliams of Crystal Star Gems & Jewellery.  Tracey shared on her fb page this week the tutorial for a pair of her earrings, and I have been busy making pairs of them all week.  https://www.facebook.com/crystalstargemsandjewellery

First in deep red and black with genuine garnet rounds and drops for myself, I’m now playing around with a pair in black and white…  Such an easy to follow tutorial and really quick and fun to make after a bit of practice…

Then I made another pair to match my present for my mum’s mother’s day present, and I will share the earrings here but not the rest of the present:

Lastly I made a turquoise pair which I think I will keep for myself too….

So thank you Tracey and I love this design, I can see many pairs of these in lots of colours in my future…

WingSmith’s Beaded Creations

One response to “Earrings mania

  1. Dear Dee
    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and all your hard work. You have shown how easy it is to take a designer idea and turn it into your own… and you have done it beautifully… Many of your colour schemes I would never have thought of myself, nor indeed some of the beads you have chosen to use. You are an amazing beader in your own right and I cannot thank you enough for all your support in my work.
    Best Wishes
    Tracey x

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