Questions and Answers

This last month has bought a huge mixture of things to my life.  I spent a fantastic day out in the sunshine at Legoland Windsor a week ago for the Star Wars opening weekend… lots of lego and clone troopers, darth vaders and ewoks all walking around the park was really good fun.

I managed to complete a matching set of jewellery using variations on designs from three different sources.  I attended the Kent Bead Fair with my new local bead group, Medway Beaders, also attended the Big Bead Fair at Sandown park and was very restrained in my purchases (mostly).

This week also saw at last my new boiler being installed, and unfortunately the work has been much more expansive than originally planned and I have run away for a night to say at a local b&b called Mums Place!  The dust was really causing problems with my asthma so I had to leave until the work was finished.

The most disappointing thing this week was that I asked a question relating to the rules of participation in a challenge to a business owner and after a couple of days I still hadn’t seen a response, and I add that I hadn’t participated in the challenge nor was I disputing who won the challenge.  Instead the question I asked was published online, along with the answer to my question.  I have failed to understand how it’s appropriate to answer a private question in a public forum.  I asked a question, and being as I was asking a business person, I expected a simple business like response.  Sadly on this occasion I was disappointed.   Even as I type this blog post I still have yet to receive a response directly from this person, it seems they prefer to hide behind a mob of bullying friends than just answer a simple question.  Even more sad was the response within the group to the post – nasty, swearing, vitriolic comments against the unidentified person who had the audacity to ask.    Online comments are just as upsetting as personal ones, and just because we all live in an increasing virtual world that doesn’t mean it isn’t bullying.



One response to “Questions and Answers

  1. Bullying is bullying regardless of what format it takes. This episode was interesting as it showed the amount of blind faith that people put in ‘strangers’. However much we don’t like to think of it, online friends are in fact strangers to us and we make judgements based on ….what exactly? Anyway regardless of that you continue to make beautiful jewellery – keep beading and posting the pics. Bead out whatever emotion you are feeling and don’t worry about the ‘followers’ in this world.

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