New Ideas and Inspiration

I spent most of Saturday in Chatham at the Nucleus Arts ArtFest.  There were a large number of craft artisans there all day, along with live music, theatrical events and lots of other good stuff.

I met Shelley who works with the old art of traditional bookbinding, she uses vintage fabrics and to cover notebooks, and also leather.  I couldn’t resist buying one of the leather notebooks, I had an idea while I was sitting there opposite Shelley’s books all day.  After a quick chat I realised that I would have to do things differently to how I thought but it didn’t deter me….

You can find Shelly at and

When I got home I got out a cabochon, the notebook and some beads… I had a play around and broke one needle and then ended up with this – and it’s exactly how I saw it in my mind.  Now what do you all think?


2 responses to “New Ideas and Inspiration

  1. Brenda Wingrove

    That looks good dee, well done xx

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