Good news

I am now allowed to publicly announce that I am a finalist in the Bead Show Awards that take place on 20 October at Sandown.  The competition is hosted by Bead Magazine and is usually of a very high standard, so I was stunned when I found out I had made it through with one of my entries.  One of my good Virtual Friends – Nicole is also a finalist.

I can’t share  photos of my entry until the weekend, so you’ll have to be patient a little longer.

When I get bored I google myself, and today I found a link to a German blogger who had made some of my Pearly Charm Beads (published this time last year by Bead Magazine)  I really like the colour choices the blogger made and even though the translation wasn’t great I think she liked the pattern.  So far with this post and the previous one here – that makes 2 I know about blogging on my tutorials – such a strange feeling to find them randomly.

So onto the rest of the week and the weekend… even if I don’t win my category I will still be so pleased to have made it this far.


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