February 2013 Already!!!

Hey, well it would appear that my resolution to blog more regularly was a little failed, lol. I promise to try harder.

I have been very busy though and working on lots of new jewellery designs and ideas.  I am also currently working on workshop ideas for a local gallery and also am pleased to say that my local bead group – Medway Beaders – will be at the Kent Bead Fair in March which takes place at the Ashford International Hotel, as well as at The Big Bead Show in Sandown in April.  We’re going to be exhibiting some of our finished jewellery items and also hopefully sharing some work in progess with people who are keen to know more.

I have been interested to see all the new types of beads that have been released onto the market recently – twins, superduos, spikes, gum drops, rizzo’s, rullas and probably a couple more I have missed or forgotten about.  I have so far not given into temptation very much, I did get some spikes but have yet to finish the project I bought them for, so I will try to do that next week whilst on leave and blog about those.   I did however give in last week and place an order for superduos – specifically to work on a tutorial – Helena – by Jennifer VanBenschoten.  Jennifer is one of the contributors to Beading Daily and also has designs in the beading magazines frequently.  Jennifer’s blog is here http://vanbeads.blogspot.co.uk/ and you can purchase the tutorial from her Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/VanBeads

I very much enjoyed playing with the superduos I ordered, I love the Picasso colour of the ones I chose, and I paired them with matt gray seed beads and a deep red 3mm glass bead.  The finished necklace is totally fabulous and I now need to go buy a new top to show it off 🙂

The tutorial was easy to follow using the written instructions, and the photos were also useful in working out which direction I should be going.  It is a lengthy tutorial, but although the finished result looks very complex it wasn’t too hard to complete, thanks to the necklace being made up of several components and then brought together.  I also asked a question about the beads in the tutorial as I was struggling to find 3mm druks in the UK, and Jennifer go back to me very quickly with suggestions on alternatives.

I think I may have to buy some more superduos and work on a pair of earrings to match.  Below is a photo of my finished necklace.


Until next time, TTFN



2 responses to “February 2013 Already!!!

  1. The necklace is really pretty dee, well done xx

  2. Beautiful necklace Dee. Love the finish on the superduos you used. Good luck with the gallery and show. Both very exciting!

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