Happy Dancing!

I am so happy right now.  I have just had my latest tutorial published in Making Jewellery magazine (May 2013 issue) – it is called Emerald City and is a simple beaded design for beginner beaders.  A photo of the design is below 🙂

Cover Photo


Next month’s Bead Magazine issue will feature another tutorial of mine, the Woodland Cuff.  This one is bead embroidery and is aimed at intermediate beaders.  A sneak preview of the piece is below.

IMG_5419 copy

I just came back from spending the weekend at Sandown for the Big Bead Show where my local Beading Group – Medway Beaders – had a stand displaying our collective works.  The show was great fun and I had a fabulous weekend away with some good friends, good food and a huge amount of giggles too.  I cannot wait till October for the next Big Bead Show where I will be a trader selling my handmade art glass cabochons.

Last bit of good news is that I will be taking part in a challenge for Beadwork magazine (US published) – I have been sent a package of beads which I have to make into something wonderful ahead of a short deadline and then later this year for the Oct/Nov issue you will all get to see what I did with the beads I was sent.  I can’t share photos of what I was sent, but they are sparkly, made me speechless when I opened the package and I really cannot wait to get some ideas flowing and get making.



2 responses to “Happy Dancing!

  1. It is beautiful Dee, congrats!

  2. Looks fab! I am doing a beadwork tute for the Summer issue for the same mag – you’ve just done the idea I had!!! LOL! I shall get my thinking cap on, but love the blog…x

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