New Ideas and Inspiration

I spent most of Saturday in Chatham at the Nucleus Arts ArtFest.  There were a large number of craft artisans there all day, along with live music, theatrical events and lots of other good stuff.

I met Shelley who works with the old art of traditional bookbinding, she uses vintage fabrics and to cover notebooks, and also leather.  I couldn’t resist buying one of the leather notebooks, I had an idea while I was sitting there opposite Shelley’s books all day.  After a quick chat I realised that I would have to do things differently to how I thought but it didn’t deter me….

You can find Shelly at and

When I got home I got out a cabochon, the notebook and some beads… I had a play around and broke one needle and then ended up with this – and it’s exactly how I saw it in my mind.  Now what do you all think?


Latest news and makes

It has been a busy couple of weeks/months.  I have found time between the day job and the rest of life to get some beading done.  I have also decided to start making/selling glass cabochons through my Etsy shop and I am testing the water with a friend across the pond and also at ArtFest in Chatham this weekend.

I also received my first set of books to review from Lark Books and as I already have Beaded Fantasies by Sabine Lippert and Japanese Beadwork by Sonoko Nozue I am giving the new copies away on my business page – – all you have to do is like my page, comment and share the status update regarding the giveaway.  Once I get to 800 likes I will pick two names at random to receive the books.  You can of course buy these books from Amazon and


I made this using one of my new cabs the other week and it is fabulous, a peacock pendant with lots of lovely fringing with swarovski crystals.  I have only listed three cabs for now on my Etsy page – and they are seconds – I will have more listed after my craft fair this weekend.

I also had India at make me some bespoke eye designs for my beading and these are the first three pendants I have finished using them.  The purple one was a gift to a friend who works very hard with school kids, who are challenging to say the least,  and I thought she deserved something special for her birthday.

I also made some more MotherShip pendants to sell at ArtFest, here is one of them:

Lastly I made a bracelet using a Bead Soup from Nancy Dale of and although I failed to make a proper freeform bracelet, I did resist the urge to sort the beads out into colours and I made this three stranded bracelet – what do you think?

A month has passed….

I can’t believe it has been over a month (just) since I last updated my blog!  I haven’t been beading as much as I would like as life and work have been keeping me very, very busy of late.

I did make/finish up a few projects.  The most recent was this sweet triangular pendant which was inspired by an Etsy treasury I put together for Operation Tackle That Bead Stash.

I also attended a taster session at the London Jewellery School and I made this silver ring which I have been wearing non-stop since 🙂   The class was good fun and our tutor Rebecca was very knowledgable about her topic.

I finished up a piece I had been working on for a while which has a beautiful czech glass button with a dragonfly on it as the focal

I am currently working on a large beaded embroidery collar, first for me, and although it is a secret I can share a sneak preview here….  I am a bit further on now since this photo was taken but am now getting close to the finishing edges and need to start filling in some gaps and then call it finished!  Nerve wracking.

Finally on a non-beading note I have been eating more healthily and following the Prop Points system that Weight Watchers advocates and I have lost 10lbs in two weeks!  I am happy about that and even though this is just the first step on what could be a long road for my weight loss I am trying to see the end goal and keep it fixed in my head, not sure about what final weight I want to be – more that I want to be able to buy a size 12 skirt/jeans and have it fit me.  That seems a long way off as I am a size 22-24 presently but I am determined to get there but am allowing myself the time to do it sensibly and along the way to educate myself a bit better about foods, fats and all those things I have chosen to ignore for many years.

Wish me luck xxx  Dee

Questions and Answers

This last month has bought a huge mixture of things to my life.  I spent a fantastic day out in the sunshine at Legoland Windsor a week ago for the Star Wars opening weekend… lots of lego and clone troopers, darth vaders and ewoks all walking around the park was really good fun.

I managed to complete a matching set of jewellery using variations on designs from three different sources.  I attended the Kent Bead Fair with my new local bead group, Medway Beaders, also attended the Big Bead Fair at Sandown park and was very restrained in my purchases (mostly).

This week also saw at last my new boiler being installed, and unfortunately the work has been much more expansive than originally planned and I have run away for a night to say at a local b&b called Mums Place!  The dust was really causing problems with my asthma so I had to leave until the work was finished.

The most disappointing thing this week was that I asked a question relating to the rules of participation in a challenge to a business owner and after a couple of days I still hadn’t seen a response, and I add that I hadn’t participated in the challenge nor was I disputing who won the challenge.  Instead the question I asked was published online, along with the answer to my question.  I have failed to understand how it’s appropriate to answer a private question in a public forum.  I asked a question, and being as I was asking a business person, I expected a simple business like response.  Sadly on this occasion I was disappointed.   Even as I type this blog post I still have yet to receive a response directly from this person, it seems they prefer to hide behind a mob of bullying friends than just answer a simple question.  Even more sad was the response within the group to the post – nasty, swearing, vitriolic comments against the unidentified person who had the audacity to ask.    Online comments are just as upsetting as personal ones, and just because we all live in an increasing virtual world that doesn’t mean it isn’t bullying.


Earrings mania

I am lucky enough to be friends with a very clever designer, Tracey Gwilliams of Crystal Star Gems & Jewellery.  Tracey shared on her fb page this week the tutorial for a pair of her earrings, and I have been busy making pairs of them all week.

First in deep red and black with genuine garnet rounds and drops for myself, I’m now playing around with a pair in black and white…  Such an easy to follow tutorial and really quick and fun to make after a bit of practice…

Then I made another pair to match my present for my mum’s mother’s day present, and I will share the earrings here but not the rest of the present:

Lastly I made a turquoise pair which I think I will keep for myself too….

So thank you Tracey and I love this design, I can see many pairs of these in lots of colours in my future…

WingSmith’s Beaded Creations

Creations and Groups

I’ve been busy playing with some more PC pieces and resin, and I also finished up another Debbie Tonder design cuff, Sugar Skull 3.  As well as that, a friend won a huge 27mm rivoli in a competition and wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I beaded it up into a pendant for her… I will be adding these huge lovelies to my shopping list – it was hard to send it back to Megan, but I did…

I placed quite a large order of beadies earlier this week, but it would have rude not to, as the company – Empire Beads – is closing and all the beads I bought were on sale by more than 40% reduction…

Here is the finished Sugar Skull Cuff, the huge Rivoli pendant and circuit board a pendant I have donated to an auction on Facebook being run a friend of mine.

Beady Progress

Well, I’ve not had much time this week for beading so far 😦

On the upside, I have had 5 sales in one day at the Nucleus Gallery in Rochester, so that is fabulous news 🙂

I also spent a little money last week on some beady treats for myself…  I ordered a Jelly Bean bangle and a glass ring from Purple Cobwebs .  Amazing lampwork artist, and the jelly bean bangle is such a cool idea, I love my new bangle very much.  As for the ring, I don’t think that will taken off (except when I’m sleeping) for a very long time – It is stunning, gorgeous and I never knew glass could work as a ring but it really does.

I also got some crystal drops from a friend having a destash and some vintage crystals from Beading in the Rain on ebay.  All of which are earmarked for future projects.

The interesting thing is that hubby dearest presented me with a little envelope, with teeny tiny LEDs and said I wondered if you could use these in your jewellery?  I know have to rise to that challenge… beads that are lit from within maybe?  Only time will tell on that project.

On my bead mat this week is my Bead magazine annual competition/challenge entry, and my mothers day present for my mum.  Secret projects so I can’t share photos.  So instead I can show you a couple of photos of the items I sold this week.