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Bead Journal Project – March

The last month has just flown by and I found myself with just one day of the month left in which to make my journal box for this March.  I am getting ready to compete again in Battle of the BeadSmith and this has distracted me somewhat – I have been preparing and getting beads ready for weeks now 🙂

This month’s box is again made entirely from stash and is dedicated to my good friends who I have met through FB and our love of all things beady and shiny.  I have found friends, new reasons to buy more beads, new shops, and had great support in times of personal need from friends and family in the past and this is my little way of thanking just some of them.  Please don’t be offended if you are not mentioned, there are still 9 more months of the year to go.

I started with my focal which is a handmade cabochon created by my friend Gloria (also known as Queenie to her friends) and you can find more of her beadwork on http://www.etsy.com/shop/flagrantdesigns
The cab is a stunning mixed media piece of poly clay, metal, pigment powders and resin.

I also included some stunning metal flower beads in a vintage bronze colour, these reminded me of my good friend Hilary from http://www.knottingways.co.uk/
Hilary is a gentle soul and the flowers always remind me of her as I know she has an amazing garden and often spends time in her den working on new ideas for her website and customers whilst being able to look out at the fabulous garden she is in.

The overall purpleness of the piece is because I love purple, as do Catherine and Steph.  Catherine is a great laugh, good mum and a total bead hoarder!  Steph runs http://www.absolutebeads.co.uk/ and is always looking for something unique to add to her site for the customers she has.

The three leaves in the piece are for Dr Nicole Stanley, and are a nod to her designs which are often leafy, floral and usually elegant and stunning.  Nicole works under https://beta.folksy.com/shops/HollybirdBeads

There is plenty of sparkle in the beads from swarovski bicones, rounds and also from some rulla beads – these are for the beaders in OTTBS who are as mad as they are amazing.  The rulla beads a like little building blocks from which we all learn from each other within this group.

The purple bead soup is what was left from a custom mix by Nancy  of NEDBeads on Etsy, and if you get a chance to get some bead soup from Nancy, you would not regret it at all – trust me. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/NEDbeads

BJP March


Book Review Time – Sabine Lippert’s Beaded Fantasies

Hello everyone… it has been a busy few weeks with  lots happening.  I had a holiday, I had shoulder surgery and have been at home recovering.  Due to the surgery I haven’t been beading very much, and what I have done has taken 3 times longer than usual as I keep having to take breaks.

On the upside, I have finally gotten around to reading some of the books that Lark have kindly sent me to review 😉

The first one I am reviewing is Sabine Lippert’s Beaded Fantasies.

I did actually buy a copy of this before my review copy arrived and I actually made one of the designs from it too… I made Verticals – photo below.


Now onto the book.  I mostly enjoyed this book, the diagrams and photos are clear although at time the instructions are not so easy to follow for complete beginners.  Thankfully I could understand most of the designs, although I have only made the one.    I really like the way that chatons and rivolis are captured to show more of the crystals, although I have yet to try it out and see if secure.   I have found in the past that customers tend to fiddle a lot with their jewellery, and as such I am not sure whether this technique of holding in the crystals would stand up.  I will try to get my hands on some chatons to try it out, I think I would like to try the Three Crosses Necklace first – the simplicity and elegance of that particular design really appeals to me.

The book is a glorious riot of colour and beautiful beads and crystals and is lovely to read, there are a lot of tips and new techniques for me to try and I look forward to being able to get stuck back into it very soon.

You can buy your own copy of the book at Amazon – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sabine-Lipperts-Beaded-Fantasies-Beadweaving/dp/145470246X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1348157489&sr=8-1

Or if you pop along to my beady page on facebook –https://www.facebook.com/wingsmithsbeadedcreations and help me get up to 800 likes I am giving away this review copy to a random fan.  Get over there…

Oh dear, its been a while….

So sorry, haven’t posted for months, but time flies when you’re having fun!

Work was busy, life was busy and in between I did get some beading done.  Here is what I have been working on…  I have also been trying to build up stock and images for my new range of glass cabochons, more of those below.

This bangle was made using directions that Jean Power sent me and I hope it will be featured in a forthcoming book of similar geometric techniques.

I made these earrings for myself and they are teeny, weeny swarovski 10x8mm crystals that I beaded around and added to earring loops, they are my current favourites.

As part of Operation Tackle That Bead Stash I am participating in Bead & Button’s Bead It Forward project – people from all over the world bead up small squares of fabric and they are sewn together to make quilts and are auctioned in aid of Breast Cancer Research charities.  Such a brilliant idea and I have made a couple already 🙂

I mentioned earlier my new venture into glass cabochons, and you can see lots more at http://www.etsy.com/shop/wingsmith2010 – but here are some of the types of images I use and also a finished piece – my peacock necklace using one of the cabs.

Also mid August I had some shoulder surgery done and although I was out of action for a few weeks I am back in 90% motion again, and I think beading and creating is great physiotherapy!

Beady Progress

Well, I’ve not had much time this week for beading so far 😦

On the upside, I have had 5 sales in one day at the Nucleus Gallery in Rochester, so that is fabulous news 🙂

I also spent a little money last week on some beady treats for myself…  I ordered a Jelly Bean bangle and a glass ring from Purple Cobwebs http://www.purplecobwebs.co.uk .  Amazing lampwork artist, and the jelly bean bangle is such a cool idea, I love my new bangle very much.  As for the ring, I don’t think that will taken off (except when I’m sleeping) for a very long time – It is stunning, gorgeous and I never knew glass could work as a ring but it really does.

I also got some crystal drops from a friend having a destash and some vintage crystals from Beading in the Rain on ebay.  All of which are earmarked for future projects.

The interesting thing is that hubby dearest presented me with a little envelope, with teeny tiny LEDs and said I wondered if you could use these in your jewellery?  I know have to rise to that challenge… beads that are lit from within maybe?  Only time will tell on that project.

On my bead mat this week is my Bead magazine annual competition/challenge entry, and my mothers day present for my mum.  Secret projects so I can’t share photos.  So instead I can show you a couple of photos of the items I sold this week.