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Shows, Sales and Book Reviews

It has been a while since my last blog… sounds like I should be in a church doesn’t it?

I had been extra busy getting ready for the Big Bead Show at Sandown where I was selling my cabochons.  I had a fantastic time and it was amazing to be the other side of the stand for a change.  Friends new and old came along, as well as the Medway Beaders group I belong to.  It was a very long day but was worthwhile so I will definitely be repeating it.  I saw lots of familiar names, and now faces, in the Bead Show Awards and it was a thrill to realise I feel I “know” many of them through facebook and in person contact.


I hope to be at future bead shows and more news on that will follow once I have details confirmed.

I didn’t get too far along in the Battle of the BeadSmith 2013, but I haven’t let that get me down and I have signed up again for next year and had my place confirmed.  I am desperately trying to come up with an idea, but it alludes me right now, but I have lots of time to think but again just the 2-3 months to bead the final piece.

I also had a stall at Spitalfields Market this month on a Saturday (pic below), mum came along to help me out again, as she did for the Sandown show, honestly it wouldn’t be the same without her by my side helping out, thanks Mum xxx.  Although it was fun to peoplewatch the actual sales were slow and that made for a long day.  I have to decide if I will go back in December, I think I will wait on the weather nearer the time to help with that decision.  There were a lot of very similar, if not same, stalls there stocking the same things – mostly Chinese imports with bargain basement prices and for me with my  handmade, time intensive, labour of love work it was not a fair battle.


I have been asked by the fabulous Katie Dean to review her new books, and so my next blog will be about those.  I was fortunate enough to meet Katie in person at Sandown and to see her battle piece as well.   Katie bought one of my cabochons and I am nervously waiting to see what she does with it…   More on that can be found here on Katie’s blog.  http://beadflowers.co.uk/2013/10/a-quick-update/




Book Review – Showcase 500 rings

Hello everyone, I hope you all have had a great festive season and if you have been able to take time off to be with family and friends, and that you have made the most of that precious time.  It has been a while since I last blogged, and my life moves at a fair pace sometimes and I really need to diarise a monthly blog update – maybe that should be my resolution for 2013?

Anyway onwards, firstly I am having a sale in my cabochon shop on Etsy – 50% off if you enter the code given on my home page: www.etsy.com/shop/wingsmithscabochons

Secondly I have had time this week to properly look at one of the books I was sent to review.  Lark Jewelry & Beading’s – Showcase 500 rings.   Wow, such a massive book and such amazing beautiful rings to look at.

You can find a copy of the book at Amazon, and I would really recommend it – such fabulous pieces to look at consider.  -http://www.amazon.co.uk/Showcase-500-Rings-Series/dp/1454702885/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1356638944&sr=8-1

One of my favourites is on page 312 and is a set of wedding rings in yellow gold and palladium by Sakurako Shimizu – they are simple and elegant and so, so beautiful, Sakurako has a blog here http://sakurakoshimizu.blogspot.co.uk/

I do-B

The book is jurored by Bruce Metcalf and I am in awe of how he managed to decide which rings to include – I like almost all of the 500 rings inside the book.

On page 253 is another favourite of mine by Sun Kyoung Kim, called Between Two.  It is a ring designed to be worn by by two people at once.  I love the romantiscm behind this one.  You can read a bit more about Sun’s ideas behind her work here: http://www.contemporarycraft.org/The_Store/Kim,_Sun_Kyoung.html


My last favourite I want to share is by Kim Eric Lilot and is called Tribute to a Genius.  It is in fact two rings and I adore both of them and even though I usually prefer white metals, I would wear both of these rings in a heartbeat.  You can see more of Kim’s work here http://www.kimericlilot.com/


I hope that you have enjoyed my review, get yourself a copy, add to a wishlist or let that special person know ahead of your birthday, anniversary or just for a treat – you won’t be disappointed.

Take care of yourselves and your friends and family.


WingSmith’s Beaded Creations

Work, Snow, Beading xxx

Well aside from the day job I’ve not been doing much else this week.  I did attend our first ever Medway Beaders group meeting last Sunday, and I hope that the attendance of the group continues and gets better as time goes on.

I have been busy this weekend though, taking in a hobbycraft show on Saturday at Bluewater, meals with family and of course finishing up with several cms of snow last night.

Seeing as I was snowbound today it was the perfect time to get some beading done.  I made a brooch using one of several czech glass buttons I bought from Button Odyssey on Etsy  http://www.etsy.com/shop/ButtonOdyssey –  the colours are gorgeous and the button is the star so I just beaded a simple frame for the button, added a brooch fixing to the back and voila.  I also beaded up a quick pair of earrings and took some more photos of finished pieces.  I need to get some nice daylight to redo many of my website photos, so fingers crossed that happens next weekend.

Here’s what I made this weekend.  Back to the day job tomorrow.




Crystal Earrings

Crystal Earrings